When brushing isn’t enough... how dental probiotics can help with dental health

Dental Probiotics for healthy teeth and gums

We all know the feeling of opening up at the dentist, crossing our fingers and hoping there won’t be any surprises despite our best efforts to keep those pearly whites sparkly clean. But sometimes it doesn’t seem to matter how good you are with brushing and flossing; your annual visit sometimes reveals a sneaky cavity or two. A numb face and filling or two later you’re left wondering what else you could do to reduce the chances of this happening in future...

So, what’s causing these cavities and why is basic dental hygiene and healthy eating habits sometimes not enough?

Tooth decay happens when bad bacteria take up residence on your teeth. These bad bacteria can produce acid that erodes your enamel.   

While it’s helpful to minimise sugar intake and visit your hygienist regularly, addressing the bacterial balance in your mouth could help to prevent dental decay in the first place.

Just like in the gut, certain strains of probiotics can help to balance the bacterial profile in your mouth. BLIS Probiotics has been researching the oral microbiome for over 15 years and produces a specialised strain called Streptococcus salivarius M18 to help maintain dental health*. This strain has been formulated into Teeth&Gums lozenges

BLIS M18™ lozenges, when taken daily, help to maintain a healthy population of good bacteria, crowding out the bad bugs and inhibiting them. This means there is less chance these baddies will have an opportunity to get established in the first place.*

So, keep that bacteria at bay, and add BLIS M18™ to your dental hygiene - brush, floss, BLIS!*