After Antibiotics

Antibiotics are very effective at killing bacteria but unfortunately, they not only kill the bad, they kill the good bacteria too. Taking BLIS K12™ or BLIS M18™ after antibiotics restore the good bacteria back into the oral cavity to promote balance and help protect from bad bacteria invading again.

Generally, around 30 percent of the bacteria in our bodies is bad or pathogenic meaning that they cause disease.  So when we take antibiotics to kill them, we are also destroying bacteria which are good for us.  Antibiotics are a huge challenge facing humankind now.  More and more of the bacteria we are trying to kill are becoming resistant to the antibiotic sand that means scientists are having to develop stronger and stronger antibiotics in order to keep diseases under control.

This is another area where opportunities are being explored to find ways to combat bad bacteria with good bacteria, in the same way, Blis oral probiotics work in the mouth and throat.

If you have been taking antibiotics for any reason, then it could be a good idea to start taking probiotics on the last day of your course of antibiotics.  This allows the good bacteria to begin colonising again as they will likely have been compromised while taking antibiotics.

If you want to see how bacteria become resistant to antibiotics, here is a fascinating video.

ThroatGuard PRO with BLIS K12™ is perfect for taking after antibiotics for throat infections to quickly restore levels of good bacteria back into the oral cavity.  If you have been taking antibiotics for any mouth-related infections then ToothGuard with BLIS M18™ is a great choice.  Both contain high doses of our patented advanced oral probiotic strains which crowd out the bad bacteria, colonise the good bacteria and helps keep you protected from them re-invading.

DailyDefence Junior is a powder format of BLIS K12™ which can be easily given to small children so they can benefit post-antibiotics as well.