Blis Probiotics

Blis Probiotics are the world's first probiotic defence for a healthy mouth and throat.

  1. Getting involved with the Hoiho!

    We loved getting involved with the Hoiho yellow-eyed penguins, an important species for Dunedin and New Zealand. Read more on how Blis probiotics helped.
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  2. Oral Probiotics: The First Line of Defense Against Pathogens

    Dr David Williams discusses the benefits of Blis K12™ and good bacteria to improve general wellness and act as the first line of defence in the nose, mouth, and throat.
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  3. Probiotics Help Prevent Rheumatic Fever

    New European clinical study results show that BLIS K12™ probiotic helps prevent rheumatic fever.
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  4. BLIS K12™ has been named as one of the top health trends for 2017!

    BLIS K12™ has been named by Breakfast Television Toronto as one of the top health trends for 2017! In case you missed it, check out the video.
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