The Blis Story

Blis Technologies are the developers of the world’s first advanced oral probiotics.

We currently market two strains of probiotic bacteria – BLIS K12™ and BLIS M18™ – both of which occur naturally in the oral cavity.  However, only around 2% of the population have these healthy bacteria at levels high enough to be effective.

BLIS K12™ was our first discovery. It was originally developed into a probiotic supplement to support throat health. But the benefits of BLIS K12™ have been found to be more wide-reaching as more studies have been completed.  We know that BLIS K12™ has a positive impact on the ear nose and throat health of infants and children, and is also effective in improving bad breath (halitosis).

The second strain – BLIS M18™ – was discovered later and this promotes the healthy bacterial balance for dental health.

Both strains were discovered by Professor John Tagg while at the University of Otago Microbiology Department.  His story is both fascinating and inspiring.

Professor Tagg extensively catalogued a collection of more than 2000 of these bacteria strains over a period of more than 30 years.  Those bacteria were then acquired by Blis Technologies with the first product – ThroatGuard – launched in 2002.

Today the Blis portfolio consists of:

  • DailyDefence – a daily advanced probiotic containing BLIS K12™ to support throat immunity
  • DailyDefence Junior – a daily powder formulation of BLIS K12™ to support ear, nose and throat health of infants and small children;
  • ThroatGuard PRO - a high dose of BLIS K12™ to give boosted immunity support to help protect against winter ills
  • TravelProtect – a higher dose formulation of BLIS K12™  with a specialised regimen to help support the immune system when travelling;
  • FreshBreath Kit – a regime that re-populates the mouth with BLIS K12™, thereby replacing the bad ‘smelly’ bacteria in the mouth, not simply masking it;
  • HoneyBlis – a great tasting honey lozenge with BLIS K12™ to soothe and protect a scratchy or a sore throat;
  • ToothGuard and ToothGuard Junior – our advanced probiotic with BLIS M18™  for the health of teeth and gums helping to prevent cavities in children and gum disease in adults.

All our products are developed and manufactured at our headquarters in Dunedin, New Zealand.